Dear ESGENA Members,
The ESGENA Governing Board has great pleasure in inviting members to nominate candidates for election to the Governing Board. The next election to the ESGENA Governing Board will take place on October 29, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.
In accordance with ESGENA’s statutes, the term of office of four board members, (Jayne Tillett, Jadranka Brljak, Marjon de Pater and Björn Fehrke), will be ending at the time of the Conference in Barcelona. Jayne Tillett and Jadranka Brljak will leave the board because they finished their maximum time on the board (10 years). Björn Fehrke and Marjon de Pater will stand for re-election. Members of ESGENA are invited to stand for election to the governing board.



Nomination of Candidates
·         Should be able to communicate in English
·         Should have resources to work actively while on the Board, as well as being prepared to participate in all the activities of the Society. This may mean giving up a considerable amount of private time.
The ESGENA statutes state that each board member has to be from a different country. Nominations from the following countries can therefore not currently be accepted: Denmark, Norway and Spain. These countries are already represented on the Board. Countries that are not currently represented on the current board are especially invited to nominate candidates.
We would like to emphasize that although we have board members from seven different European countries, ESGENA Board Members do represent the interests of all ESGENA members, as they are elected by the whole of the ESGENA membership.
ESGENA Board Members do not represent the interests of their own country or their own national society, particularly if these interests conflict with the interests of ESGENA. Candidates for the board should therefore be able to subscribe to this ‘non-nationalist’ philosophy of the Society.
The proposal form for the Governing Board should be completed by the nominee, a proposer and a seconder. All three of these – the nominee, proposer and seconder – need to be paid-up members of ESGENA (either as individual ESGENA members or via the group membership of their national societies).
To prepare for the election, candidates should introduce themselves in the form of a curriculum vitae, which should include
·         personal data and a picture
·         details of their nursing position and/or position in their national society
·         job and qualifications
·         the reasons why they wish to serve on the Board.
Candidates are also expected to give a short talk (not more than 3 minutes) about themselves at the General Assembly on October 29, 2017 in Barcelona in order to introduce themselves to the membership and the delegates who are entitled to vote.

Nominations should be submitted to:
Ulrike Beilenhoff
ESGENA Scientific Secretary
Ulm, Germany
e-mail: Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.
Deadline for submitting nominations is July 15, 2017
The nomination forms with the signatures of the candidate, the proposing and seconding persons should be submitted as PDF files while the Curriculum vitae should only be submitted as a MS Word document. A picture of the candidate can either be included in the word document or added as a jpg file.
The ESGENA Governing Board encourages members to consider standing for election and looks forward to receiving nominations.
National Delegates
In accordance with the ESGENA statutes, which specify that each paid-up national group has the right to cast only one vote, each member country should nominate one delegate who has the right to vote on behalf of their country. National societies are requested to nominate their representative in advance and to notify the ESGENA secretariat of the name of their delegate by 15 September 2017.
Only the designated delegates of ESGENA Group Members will receive the voting slips on entering the General Assembly and will be entitled to cast the vote in the name of her/his country. Individual members have no right to vote.
Details about the candidates will be circulated for discussion in their own country before the meeting in Barcelona. In October 2017 the curriculum vitae of the candidates will also be available in the restricted membership area on the ESGENA web site.
The ESGENA Annual General Assembly 2017 will be held:
during the 21st ESGENA Conference
on Sunday, October 29, 2017
from 18.00-19.00 hours
at the Fira de Barcelona
Gran Via North Access – Hall 8
Carrer del Foc, 35
08038 Barcelona, Spain
Room B3 
The ESGENA Governing Board is looking forward to seeing your candidatures
Best regards
Jadranka Brljak
(ESGENA President)
Ulrike Beilenhoff
(ESGENA Scientific Secretary)

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